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What Does a Drainage Plumber Do?

A drain clog is akin to an invisible enemy. It hides underground and builds up over the years in plain sight. You won’t know of its existence until one day it sneakily attacks you. And then it’s all chaos from that point.

A clogged toilet that would not flush or a kitchen sink with backup water up to the brim. Perhaps, a shower drain that’s causing nightmares when you’re already late for work. There’s never a good time for a drainage problem, is there?

“Let me just grab my drain cleaner!” might be your instinct. However, using chemical cleaners is the worst thing you can do for your plumbing, your health, and the environment.

What should you do?

Call a drainage plumber, of course!

Here is a list of reasons why calling a professional plumbing service like The Super Plumber should be your first response to fight this now not-so-invisible enemy!

Drainage Plumbers Use Modern Plumbing Technology

“Well, what’s wrong with a plunger?” one might ask.

Nothing. But it may only work if you have a minor clogging issue. A hand-crank drain snake should work to remove a small clump of hair. But if you have a tough clog sitting in your drains, the do-it-yourself approach will no longer cut it.

After a temporary relief, the clog will start rebuilding (i.e., all the nasty things accumulating in your plumbing) until one day it’s strong enough to attack your house yet again. This alone calls for a long-term solution.

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s The Super Plumber!

Our licensed drainage plumbers use the best equipment available today to rid your drains of the most revolting clog you can imagine. Ensuring we get the job done right the first time, we use motorized drain augers, hydro-jetters, and high-definition (HD) snake cameras!

Drainage Plumbers Leave Nothing to Guesswork

Drainage plumbers are trained professionals who have years of experience dealing with clogging issues. Now, the current-day video technology has made the impossible possible. Using high-definition cameras, plumbers can find the hiding place of your invisible enemy. They can get a good look at the problem and where it is hiding!

Is it the hair?

Or perhaps food particles and grease?

Maybe, it’s the excess toilet paper!

You never know until you see it yourself. Drainage plumbers today feed a fibre-optic cable into the drains. This cable has LED lights and HD miniature cameras, thus making it possible to see what’s causing the obstruction.

From there, they can figure out the best equipment to use for the type and location of the clog found. There’s no longer a need to guess why the plunger didn’t work even after repeated attempts!

Drainage Plumbers Offer Thorough Drain Cleaning

An average homeowner typically does not have hydro jetters, HD snake cameras, or motorized drain augers in their garage, just sitting there ready to use. Using these tools requires experience too. In fact, by scheduling timely inspections, you can prevent severe clogging in the first place.

If the catastrophe has already occurred, you are better off contacting a reliable drain cleaning service.

Drainage plumbers use, as we mentioned:

Motorized Drain Augers

You have probably used an older version before, a manual drain snake. The motorized version, however, can reach depths up to 150 ft. Thanks to the continuous rotation (something difficult to do manually) and torque provided by the motor, a thorough drain cleaning is achievable.

That said, experienced drainage plumbers best handle them. If you haven’t used a motorized drain auger before, you might end up shattering your drain pipe. Motorized augers are used to free the drain pipes off food waste, tree root infiltration, sewage clogs, and grease.
Hydro-Jetting Machines

Also known as scour jetting, hydro-jetting uses strong water jets to clear up every inch of your drains, including root ingress, sludge, and even concrete (more common in manufacturing facilities). A hydro-jetting machine can attain up to 35,000 PSI (pounds per square) pressure levels, eliminating decades-old debris.

When nothing works, hydro-jetting machines come to your rescue, leaving your drains in an almost brand-new condition. Again, this is also something you should leave to the experts. The pressure of the water jet is so intense that you may injure yourself accidentally.

But for a professional drainage plumber, it’s a breeze!

Got a Drain Problem?

Slow-draining sinks, clogged toilets, backed-up showers are annoying. But what’s more frustrating is spending hours trying to unclog the drain yourself only to end up disappointed. The months or even decades-old menace will not go easy.
Call The Super Plumber at 250-995-1234, and we will send a certified drainage plumber immediately to identify and solve your drainage issues.