Sewer Video Inspection Services in Nanaimo, BC

Because your sewer line isn’t visible, you could have issues with the line and not even know it. Don’t fear the unknown! Call us to schedule sewer video inspections in Nanaimo.

If left undetected, problems with your sewer line can cause major damage to your home and can put your family’s health at risk. Don’t take any chances! Instead of just taking an “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” approach to your line, be informed, and schedule a sewer line camera inspection. Call The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services to book this non-invasive service at your home in Nanaimo, BC. Let our experienced technicians inspect your system and inform you of any potential issues that need to be repaired. In business since 2006, we bring experience and expertise to every job!

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What Is a Sewer Video Inspection?

Do you suspect there’s an issue with your sewer line? Before you schedule repairs and have technicians dig up your yard to verify your hunch, have our experts correctly diagnose the problem with a sewer video inspection. During this non-invasive method, our technicians will insert a waterproof camera through your plumbing system and record a video of what it sees. The video will reveal any problems that need to be fixed and show where the issue is located. This quick and easy method allows professionals to pinpoint the issue without causing damage to your property.

Reasons to Schedule a Sewer Video Inspection

While you don’t need to schedule a sewer video inspection every time you have a minor issue with your piping system, there are certain circumstances where it’s recommended you schedule services. This can include if you experience frequent sewer or drain blockages, if your water bill suddenly increases and you suspect it’s due to a sewer line leak, and if you’re purchasing a new home. Most standard home inspections do not include drain camera services, so it’s recommended to schedule this separately to ensure the sewer lines are fully functioning before you buy the home.

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What Sewer Video Inspections Can Show You

Sewer camera inspection services can reveal various issues with your piping system in an easy and non-invasive manner. The videos can show the condition of the inside of the pipes, if any tree roots are intruding the piping system, if any sections of the system are sagging, and any other defects that may need to be repaired. When the inspection is completed, the technicians can share the video with you to show what the camera detected and discuss any needed repairs.

If you suspect there’s an issue with your sewer line, schedule non-invasive sewer video inspection services. Call The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services at 250-800-5490 to schedule an appointment in Nanaimo, BC.