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Christian D.

Super Plumber 5 Star Review

"Max Fischer came by on an emergency call tonight and we just want to say thank you so much! He figured out the problem quickly and efficiently so we were able to continue our home life. We would recommend Super Plumber as they were quick to respond and their customer service was excellent! Thank you again for helping us out!"


Super Plumber 5 Star Review

"Had Ian from Super Plumber over recently after coming home to discover my bathtub backed up and toilet not flushing at all. From my initial contact with Eden in dispatch (on a weekend) it was very clear that they were sympathetic to my situation and interested in helping. They worked with my landlord to come up with a solution, and got things sorted much faster than I would have expected. 10/10 would recommend this company to anybody in need of emergency plumbing. Thank you Ian, Eden and Super Plumber team."

Koran W.

Super Plumber 5 Star Review

"Joey came out to investigate a strange issue with my water heater. He came on time and took the time to listen to all my concerns. He did a very thorough diagnostic and made some recommendations. Went ahead with the repair and so far so good! I always choose the Super Plumber as I have always had excellent service on time and they do the work right the first time. It's worth the extra you pay to have them come when you need them and do the job right. 5 stars."

Jenna P.

Super Plumber 5 Star Review

"Curtis Allan was the gentleman who serviced my call to Super Plumber today. Very nice fellow. My kitchen sink had recently started backing up and then taking forever to drain. Curtis found the problem right away and knew the solution quickly. Watching him was interesting. Not much else to do, and I was very curious. He went into the wall with a noisy Jet and later decided to do a full out pipe change, not just a clean. Very thorough, speedy and well done. I now have a fantastically working sink and no garburator in the way either! Yay! I recommend the company and Allan 100%!"

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