Water Leak Detection Services in Nanaimo, BC

When you have a water leak at your home, act quickly to get it repaired. Call us for water leak detection and repair services in Nanaimo.

Is your water bill increasing, but you’re not using any more water than usual? Is there a wet spot on your wall, or on your flooring? You could have a water leak. To limit the damage to your house and your property it’s important to locate the leak and have it repaired as soon as possible. Call The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services to have our experts detect and repair your leak. We provide 24-hour plumbing services to the Nanaimo, BC area.

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Causes of Hidden Water Leaks

Hidden water leaks can cause severe damage to your home. That’s why it’s important to try to detect a leak quickly to have it repaired and limit the amount of damage. One way to be on alert for these leaks is to know what causes them. Hidden leaks can occur due to:

  • Aging or older pipes.
  • Frozen pipes.
  • Poorly installed pipes.
  • Tree roots that impede on the pipes.
  • Cracks in your system.
  • Other major obstructions -- or construction projects --that can cause damage to your pipes.

Professional Water Leak Detection Techniques

Because water leaks can be difficult to locate, it’s important to hire a professional to detect them. Plumbers bring expertise and specialized tools to the job, making it easier for them to find the source of the problem. Some techniques professionals might use to find a leak can include:

  • Dig and drill: Experts might have to dig and drill to locate the issue. This can include digging to find the leak or drilling into a wall or floor to detect the source of the issue. Fortunately, most will use this only as a last resort.
  • Meter detection: Plumbers may use a special digital tool called a water meter to search for leaks. The water pressure in the pipes helps the meter in determining the leakage point.
  • Video camera inspection: Plumbers typically prefer using infrared technology to detect leaks. This involves using a camera that’s designed to take pictures and videos of a pipe at various angles to help detect any cracks or issues.

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How to Avoid Water Leaks

What’s the best way to handle a water leak? Not to have one in the first place! While that might be easier said than done, there are some actions you can take to avoid water leaks. These can include:

  • Have your pipes inspected regularly.
  • Replace deteriorating or damaged pipes.
  • In cold weather, insulate pipes to prevent freezing.
  • Schedule regular drain cleanings with a professional.
  • Avoid putting harmful materials down your drains.
  • Be aware of where your pipes run underneath the ground to avoid planning construction projects near them.
  • Plant trees away from pipelines.

When you need help detecting a water leak, call The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services at 250-800-5490 . We provide 24-hour services to the Nanaimo, BC area.