Water Treatment Services in Victoria, BC

Ensure the water your family is drinking is safe. Call us for water treatment services in the Victoria, BC area.

Does your water have a strange odour, or odd taste? These can be signs that your water needs to be tested to check for contaminants. If you need your water tested or treated to ensure it’s safe to consume, call The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services. We provide water treatment services to the Victoria, BC area. When you book an appointment with us, you won’t need to wait around for us to show up - we guarantee that we’ll be on-time!

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How Professionals Test Your Water Quality?

Does someone in your household have a compromised immune system? Does your drinking water have a funny taste? Are you worried there are contaminants in your water? If so, you should schedule a water quality test with a professional. The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services can run tests on your municipal water system or private well in a controlled laboratory to determine if your water is safe for consumption. If we determine your water needs treatment, we can recommend a regular service plan.

Benefits of Water Treatment Services

It’s important to have your water tested regularly to ensure it’s safe for consumption and it gets the necessary treatment. Some benefits of having water treatment services can include:

  • Protect your family against illnesses: Untreated water can contain microorganisms that can make your household sick. Water treatment methods can remove these and make your water safe to drink.
  • Remove toxic metals: Lead, copper and other minerals can be dangerous if they are ingested. It’s important to filter these out before your family consumes them in your drinking water.
  • Keep appliances running: It’s important to remedy hard water to prevent damage to your appliances, piping systems, and even your clothes. Treating the water to make it softer can help you avoid these issues.
  • Improve the taste of your water: Treatment methods can remove musty or earthy tastes from your water, giving you better-tasting drinking water.

Keep your family healthy by ensuring your drinking water is purified. Learn about our water filtration system services.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

To improve the quality and safety of your water, you can install a water treatment system in your home. These come in several different varieties, including these common types:

  • Filtration systems: These purify your water by removing contaminants through a physical barrier, chemical or biological process.
  • Water softeners: These reduce the hardness of water by using sodium or potassium ions to replace calcium and magnesium ions.
  • Distillation systems: This involves performing a process on the water during which impure water is boiled and the steam is collected and condensed in a separate container. This causes the solid contaminants to be removed.
  • Disinfection: This uses a physical or chemical process during which pathogenic microorganisms are deactivated or killed. This can include using chemical disinfectants like chlorine, or physical disinfectants like ultraviolet light.

Do odd odours and strange tastes have you worried your water isn’t safe to drink? Call The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services at 250-800-5490 to schedule water treatment services at your Victoria, BC residence.