It’s Time to Hire a Hero!

Join The Super Plumber Club

Aging, neglected pipes, drains and sewers spell T•R•O•U•B•L•E. To keep nefarious clogs and leaks from ruining your week or costing a fortune, join The Super Plumber Club. For just pennies a day, our heroes provide annual inspections, FREE plumbing system adjustments and super guarantees no one can match.

VIP Valet Plumbing Service

There’s a lot riding on your plumbing: your family’s safety, a houseguest’s comfort and clean drinking water. Join The Super Plumber Club today and receive an annual, top-to-bottom plumbing inspection that includes connected equipment and appliances. While visiting your home, our certified technicians also diagnose plumbing and fixture issues, repair annoying leaks and make FREE plumbing adjustments.

323 Reasons to Love Your Club Membership

The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services team arrives promptly, ready to conduct our unrivaled 323-POINT plumbing inspection. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your entire pipe system—including fixtures, drains, water lines and appliances. Services may include:

  • Faucet checkups, leak tests & adjustment
  • Exposed water line inspection
  • Toilet checkup
  • Under-sink pipe & valve check
  • Under- & above-sink drain check
  • Washing machine hose & valve test
  • Water heater checkup & safety inspection
  • Scalding safety test
  • Hot & cold water main inspection

Super Perks, Happy Customers

For just $14.95/month, The Super Plumber Club membership comes with these proven benefits:

  • Exclusive member discounts: Club members receive 25 percent off all plumbing services, along with discounted diagnostic fees.
  • Priority scheduling: Go straight to the front of the line where the VIPs belong.
  • The Island’s BEST Warranty: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy—and we’ll redo your repair for FREE. The Super Plumber Club membership also comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty on installed and repaired equipment.

Our Super Guarantees

  • On Time, Every Time Guarantee: Or you get $50 for your trouble.
  • No-Clog Guarantee: Your drain won’t clog for one year after service. We promise.
  • Five-Star Service Guarantee: The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services hires the best in the business, and your plumbing heroes undergo extensive training and stay on top of the latest industry innovations. Treating your home with courtesy and respect, we leave every space cleaner than we arrived. If you don’t have a five-star service experience, The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services will do whatever it takes to make it right.

The Super Plumber Club: Membership Details

The Super Plumber Club membership costs $14.95/month (plus applicable taxes) and includes extended warranties, priority service and exclusive member discounts. For every dollar you spend on your monthly membership, we’ll credit $1.05 back to your account. Twice a year, you’ll receive a members-only coupon good for any product or service. You’ll spend $179.40 (12 months x $14.95) in dues—and we’ll send you $188.37 in coupons! You simply can’t lose.

Other important club details:

  • Membership requires a minimum one-year commitment.
  • Applicable warranties remain in effect through credit card loss or transfer if the transfer is made within 30 days and all charges are brought current.
  • Permanent cancellation of the club member’s credit source will result in termination of extended warranties and club benefits.
  • The Super Plumber - Plumbing and Drain Services reserves the right to remove any club member with 30 days’ written notice.

Happy Pipes, Happy Life

Aging pipes, broken water heaters, or leaky water lines can become a full-fledged catastrophe in short order. When you join The Super Plumber Club, our comprehensive plumbing checkups reduce the risk of emergencies and protect your home from costly water damage. Plus, your membership pays for itself in just one or two repairs—so you can’t afford NOT to join!

The Super Plumber Club delivers peace of mind for pennies a day. Learn more about the perks of club membership! Call us today at 250-995-1234!